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12 years of solar powered fairy lights and solar rope lights manufacturer and exporter

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Solar Rope Lights, is a multi-purpose lighting device that uses solar technology for power. It is made from LED bulbs (or light emitting diodes), the same bulbs that are commonly used in large neon signs because of its efficiency, long lasting life and light intensity.

The solar powered fairy lights are encased in plastic tubing that can withstand any types of weather and even rain, so you're worry free from bulbs getting wet and bursting into flames. This plastic tubing is very flexible, too, which is why it is called a rope. You can wrap it around trees like you would do with a rope.

Solar rope lights come in four colors: white, green, blue and red. Now, your driveway or sidewalks would be bright, cheerful and colorful all year long with Solar Rope Lights. What are you waiting for? Save now on electricity and live free from short-circuit worries.

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